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Sell More Homes and
Make More Money, 
Than You Ever Have Before

 Without Giving Up Your Personal Life to Do It!

In any business, when surrounded by the best Training and Coaching and, most importantly, Support, you'll have Quantum Leap Successes! Find out how you can grow, really scale your Real Estate Business in an environment and culture of Support with a plethora of training and coaching that takes you to the next level in your Real Estate Career!
High Level Real Estate Career Opportunity!
You Will Increase Your Income by at Least $100,000 or We’ll Pay You the Difference!*

Make More Money, In Less Time, With Less Stress!

Shelly Salas
Success Story

"We came from the REO world, and we didn't have the "Business" mindset. We were putting in long hours and getting paid very little. We decided we needed to make a CHANGE, and we found Todd and Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty! No questions asked, no hesitation; make sure to go to those that have success. Now, our business is completely different! We owe a lot to Todd Walters and Craig Proctor! Why not learn from the best! Go to those that have success and don't reinvent the wheel! We implemented the Guaranteed Sale Program, and that was a Game Changer! We also love giving back to our community, and our clients love that we do this! It just becomes second nature to give back to your community! Everyone likes to be part of something where you are helping someone else, and that is what Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is all about!" Luis and Shelly Salas - The Salas Team
Here's What You Get
  • ​​Guaranteed Leads, Referrals and Appointments – As Many as You Can Skillfully Handle! Absolutely No Cold Calling. No Manual Grunt Prospecting. No Expensive Advertising!
  • ​High Income Reduced Effort SYSTEM Allows You to Never Ever Worry About Where your Next Client Will Come from.
  • ​Millionaire Agent Sales, Negotiating and Closing Skills Training by in the Trenches Billion Dollar Agents and #1 Real Estate Coach!
  • More Listings – Home of the Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program Where the Seller Always Benefits from the Highest Price! ​
  • ​#1 on SEO/Google Search.
  • ​Retirement – Self Employed Pension - Exit From Real Estate Wealthy System!
  • ​Non-MLS Off Market Listings Sales System. 
  • ​Go Serve Big! When You Put Others First, You Will Never Be Second – Second Mile Service Culture!!! 
PLEASE Note: this opportunity is limited and by application only to
join Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty! Let's find out if we're a good fit!
JOIN US AT THE ONLINE EXECUTIVE BRIEFING of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty on Selling More Homes and Making More Money, Than You Ever Thought Possible, Without Giving Up Your Personal Life To Do It!

Contact Information: email: - 866-219-5029
Do you want a flow of clients without any cold prospecting?
Hi, I’m Todd Walters, Co-Founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty,

One of the most common problems real estate agents have in today’s market is finding clients. Most of us get into the business because we like working with people. Helping families with such an important transaction can be fun and rewarding. The problem for many agents is most of their time and money is spent trying to FIND customers, which leaves very little time to actually give the kind of service you want to give and make the impact you want to make.

Whether you’ve been in real estate for 25 years, or just got into the business a few months ago, you probably know what I mean by the term “prospecting”. For most agents, it’s a really ugly word.

It means forcing yourself to sit on the phone and make endless calls to people who really aren’t interested in talking with you. Or search out and hound expired's and FSBOs. Or knock on doors or buy leads from expensive lead gen companies – or worse, beg for referrals.

When I first got into real estate in the early 90’s, this is exactly what I did. Like most agents, I looked around at what all the other agents were doing and copied them. I listened to the sales trainers and believed it on faith that the forceful, manipulative sales techniques they taught would somehow set me free.

Well, it didn’t exactly turn out that way. You see, if you’re like most agents, prospecting is a hated task. The constant rejection that comes with the old-school techniques is humiliating. The repetition is brain-numbing. Couple that with the long, long hours spent servicing clients which may or may not turn into business. No wonder 80% of agents quit the business within 5 years. Struggling through a 70 hour workweek to sell maybe 10 or 20 homes a year just isn’t worth the time or effort; it’s not worth giving up your family time, not seeing your kids grow up, the broken relationships, health problems and frustrations which usually go hand in hand.

And the root of the problem is simply this - that most agents spend so much time trying to find business that they do virtually no real business at all. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that even the best agent in the world will starve with no customers.

Well, we can change all that for you. You see, We’ve developed an entirely new system of selling real estate which completely rejects the traditional, manipulative sales techniques which really don’t work.

Our system turns the tables on useless, brain-numbing prospecting. What do I mean by that? Well, exactly as it sounds. Instead of you sitting on the phone making endless cold calls trying to find someone who may be interested in buying or selling, our system automatically draws warm, qualified prospects to call our office . . . and then we pass these great leads on to you. In other words, I do all of this for you -- I hand you leads and appointments – as many as you can handle.

Think about what this could mean for you. Our system automatically finds, motivates, screens and then qualifies prospective clients, and every single day these leads are automatically transferred to you.

So while other agents are starving for clients, you’ll turn on your device to find the names and numbers of warm, qualified prospects to meet with. We do absolutely no cold calling at all. No Manual grunt prospecting. No 3 hour Open Houses. No begging for referrals.

Every single one of the THOUSANDS of clients we complete transactions for every year -- every single one of them called us first. Our systems are so thorough, that the pipeline is always full of great leads. This is an excellent opportunity for you to easily make great money in this business and have fun doing it because you’ll finally be able to spend your time actually doing what you got into the business to do in the first place - help people.

So, if your greatest problem is that you’re really good at what you do, but you’re having trouble finding clients, you will probably be very interested in this opportunity.

Right now, we are looking for a few ambitious and open-minded agents to help these great clients buy and sell the place they call home! We’re looking for agents with great people skills. We are NOT looking for slick salespeople, but rather people who genuinely like working with others, and who can convey professionalism with a great attitude!

Successful candidates will be eager to do really well financially, and open to learning new ways of doing things. If this describes you, then we'll see you at the Backstage Tour!

Thank you for your interest and Go Serve Big!!!

 The Problems We SOLVE For You:
  • SOLVED: Not Enough Clients at a Pace fast enough and at levels high enough to achieve your goals! 
  • ​SOLVED: Feast or Famine Income Roller Coaster.
  • SOLVED: Control of Your Schedule.  
  • ​SOLVED: Clarity on Exactly what to do and how to get it done to Scale/Grow business profitably. 
  • SOLVED: Sales, Negotiating and Closing Skills to Convert Strangers in a Super Competitive Market. 
  • SOLVED: Automation to sift and sort the leads into those ready now and those not ready now. 
  • SOLVED: Zero Resistance Benefits Presentations that compel prospects to sign with you at your much higher than average fee.  
  • SOLVED: How to set, negotiate and collect an OPTIMUM fee as a Buyers Agent vs letting the listing agent decide your earning capacity. 
  • SOLVED: A SYSTEM that turns a customer into a lifetime customer, predictably and affordably… after all there is NO such thing as past clients… only lifetime customers. 
  • SOLVED: Magnetic Consumer Benefit Rich Brand Name!
  • SOLVED: An infallible BUSINESS PLAN to achieving your biggest goals.
PLEASE Note: this opportunity is limited and by application only to
join Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty! Let's find out if we're a good fit!
JOIN US AT THE BACKSTAGE TOUR of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty on Selling More Homes and Making More Money, Than You Ever Thought Possible, Without Giving Up Your Personal Life To Do It!

Contact Information: email: - 866-219-5029

Benefits of Being a Sales Professional at
  • Predictable Overflow of Leads.
  • Never worry about where you next commission check will come from.
  • ​Leads chase you vs you chasing them.
  • ​No cold calling or manual grunt prospecting.
  • ​No expensive advertising.
  • ​Make More Money in Less Time.
  • ​More Appointments with Less Calls.
  • ​Pre-Sold Customers.
  • ​HIGHER Commission Checks.
  • ​Respect, Admiration, Trust of Peers and Clients.
  • ​The Envy of Competitors.
  • ​The Solutions to EVERY Business Issue You Face.
  • ​Certainty of ‘will it work’.
  • ​Clarity on Exactly What to do and How to get it done.
  • ​Faster Implementation.
  • ​Fast-Paced Growth.
  • ​Elimination of the Income Roller Coaster.
  • ​Increased Self Esteem and Confidence.
  • ​Confidence on Setting and Achieving Higher Goals.
  • ​More Time Working WITH Customers vs Finding Them.
  • ​Enjoy a Rewarding Income Working Reasonable Hours With Plenty of Time Off to Pursue Outside Interests!

PLEASE Note: this opportunity is limited and by application only to
join Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty! Let's find out if we're a good fit!
JOIN US AT THE ONLINE EXECUTIVE BRIEFING of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty on Selling More Homes and Making More Money, Than You Ever Thought Possible, Without Giving Up Your Personal Life To Do It!

Contact Information: email: - 866-219-5029

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty was established in August of 2018, and launched Internationally in March of 2020. 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brand, founded by Craig Proctor and Todd Walters, is a registered trademark of Craig Proctor Intellectual Property, LLC. 

Our Vision -
To Be The Best Place to Work, Buy and Sell Real Estate.

Our Mission -
To Positively Impact The Lives of People, Through Second Mile Service, Innovative Systems, and Charitable Giving. 

Our Motto -
Go Serve Big! When you put others first, you will never be second.

Our Daily Routine -
Increasing Real Estate Professionals Incomes by 300% or More Without Them Giving Up their Personal Lives to Do it!

Our Core Values -

Our Core Philosophy -
The Size of the hole you give thru is directly proportionate to the size of the hole you receive through. 

We Established this real estate brokerage for Entrepreneurial, Business-Minded, Growth-Oriented Real Estate Agents DRIVEN to accomplish more for themselves, their clients, and their community.

About the Co-Founders of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty
Todd Walters and Craig Proctor
Todd Walters is PLATINUM Coach with Craig Proctor Real Estate Coaching and Co-Founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. Along with being featured in Best Agents Business Book, The Billion Dollar Agent, Lessons Learned, he’s also featured in Dan Gooder Richards’ book, Real Estate Rainmaker: Guide to Online Marketing.a Todd retired from having to sell real estate at age thirty-nine, opting to watch his team run over eight thousand real estate transactions. He was named among the top 20 agents in the United States by NAR, and was top 10 with RE/MAX worldwide. As PLATINUM Coach, Todd publishes three monthly real estate business building newsletters and teaches ambitious Craig Proctor System members marketing strategies. Unique strategies that enable them to Quantum Leap their real estate jobs to a REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. One that works, so they don’t have to. He calls himself the Best Copier of Craig Proctor’s Millionaire Agent System.
Craig Proctor is the Founder and CEO of Craig Proctor Coaching System, which has created more Millionaire Agents than any other coach or trainer. Leveraging his own highly successful 20+ year real estate career (selling 500+ homes/year – over $100,000,000 in GCI - and twice #1 for RE/MAX Worldwide), Craig Proctor helps agents and brokers transform their real estate jobs into highly lucrative real estate businesses that provide exceptional customer service without high lifestyle costs. “Craig is a visionary who reinvented the job called Real Estate and someone who teaches agents about Freedom rather than about work” - Michael Gerber (author of the bestselling business book The E-Myth).

The Most Powerful Real Estate System in the World!

We have cracked the code on Getting a flow of Clients and Commission Checks!
You are Invited to See the SYSTEMS Used by the Most Successful Real Estate Agents to Get a Steady Flow of Buyers and Sellers without Cold Calling, Door Knocking, 3 Hour Open Houses, Expensive Advertising or Buying Leads!!!
These are THE Proven Systems Needed to Transform Your Real Estate Career Into One That Delivers You:
  • A Greater Lifestyle.
  • ​Consistency of Clients and Commission Checks.
  • ​Personal, Professional, and Financial Growth!
  • ​Time to Enjoy Your Success!

IMPORTANT: The Quantum Leap System has created MORE MILLIONAIRE AGENTS than ANY other.
Why Them and Not You? If Not Now, When?

Shelly Salas

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Rudy Kusuma

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Nathan Clark

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage 


Tracy King

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Gillian Redman

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Carol Royse

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Kellar Lawrence

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Barb Schlinker

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Jason Boccinfuso

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Mike Szakos

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Bertrand Dussault

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


Nancy Kowalik

Millionaire Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage


"The best system, training and coaching, with the added benefit of having a true heart for serving their agents, clients and the community. I highly recommend Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. We weren't even looking to make a change, that's how impressed we were.
Go Serve Big!!."
Lance and Laurie Carter (Team Leaders, YHSGR)

 We Have a SYSTEM for Each Stage of Your Business

  • ​These are the same systems that have catapulted thousands Real Estate Professionals to high 6-figure and even 7 and 8 figure businesses
  • ​These are the same systems that will change your business and your life


Take a Look at YOUR Future ...

Tracy King

Rudy Kusuma and Nathan Clark

Gillian Redman

Bertrand and Argy Dussault

"I didn't realize how much business I was missing out on, until Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, and now I get an overflow of sellers and buyers calling every week!"

YES, I want to sell more homes and make more money without giving up my personal life to do it!

"Awesome training, support and top notch technology. Todd and the whole team have a mindset of putting others first and that is the BIG WHY of us being affiliated with such an awesome company. Thanks TW."
 "We had minimal coaching and training at our other brokerage! If you can copy, you will be successful. There is no other training in the world like this. Hands down, this blows other training and brokerages out of the water."
"If you are looking for a proven system to make more more money, help more people more effectively, and to truly quantum leap your business, YHSGR is the place to work. Todd Walters has been my mentor for 12 years and it is the best thing I have ever done!"
"I was tired of cold calling and grunt prospecting. The Quantum Leap System has shown me how to get an overflow of leads and most importantly, Qualified Leads!
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