Is Having Your Very Own Sellable Business Asset on Your Vision Board?
Then This is For You!

Consider this your invitation to apply for a VIP GUEST SEAT at the Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Built to Sell Bootcamp!

Come and See How to Predictably Attract a Flow of Lifetime Customers at a Pace Fast Enough and at Levels High Enough to Scale Up to a $1 Mil+ profit Sellable Business Asset, with an Organization of the Right People and Processes in Place to Free You from Being Involved in the Day-to-Day Sales Process.

To qualify for a VIP GUEST SEAT:

You must be in the top 1% of income earners ($250K+ a year) and Owning Your Very Own Sellable Business Asset is on Your Vision Board.

*We apologize in advance if the VIP GUEST SEATS are sold out.


If Owning Your Own Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage Could Be Far More Lucrative and Beneficial to You Personally, Professionally and Financially…

Would you be open to taking a deeper look at it?

The Built to Sell Bootcamp is an Opportunity to Do Just That!

If you are earning >$250K a year, then congratulations, you are in the top 1% of income earners in real estate!

This means you are not like the other 99% of real estate agents and brokers. You are different.

We encourage you to embrace that fact. You have something extra in you that others don’t have and just like a muscle… you need to work it out or it atrophies.

Attending The Built to Sell Bootcamp is a workout in seeing what could be, maybe what should be for you…

Make no mistake about it, this is about Ownership, and ownership is about FREEDOM.

At The Built to Sell Bootcamp You Will See the Pathway to a Business and Life you were Made for. Come and see what real FREEDOM looks like!

Go Serve Big!


  • The Eight Critical Steps for a Built-to-Sell Brokerage!
  • ​Expansion and Operations Systems to Stream Line Productivity, Processes and Predictability!
  • ​The YHSGR Marketing Systems to Get a Steady Flow of Seller Prospects Calling in and Saying ‘Come List Me’.
  • ​Advanced Follow-up and Remarketing Systems to Eliminate Competition and Pre-Sell Every Customers!
  • ​The Ultimate Conversion System for Getting a Face-to-Face Appointment Whether they Came from Messenger, Text or Phone!
  • ​The Exclusive YHSGR Presentation System for Getting Buyer and Seller Clients on Agreement, with an Upfront Fee and Better Than Good Commission!!
  • ​How to Sell Your Listings without MLS.
  • ​The 72 Hour Rule for Showing Buyers Off Market and Unlisted Homes and Getting them Under Contract within 9 Days!
  • ​The Lifetime Customer System: Five Star Reviews, Referrals, Repeat and Resource!
  • ​The YHSGR Certified Pre-Owned Home System!
  • ​How to Recruit, Interview, Hire, Onboard, Train and Manage Your Team for Peak Productivity and Scale!
  • ​The Compensation Manual: What to Pay Who and How to Measure Results!
  • ​The Financial Model and KPI Reporting and Tracking System for a Built-to-Sell Brokerage!
  • ​The Ultimate Implementation System!
  • ​How to Get Paid a 33% of the Mortgage Fees on Every Purchase, Re-fi and HELOC!
  • ​How the Mighty Fall: What NOT to do if you want a legacy business!


Below are a few examples of Maturity Focus Areas tied to the Categories and Drivers. These examples represent potential key assessments topics that could be utilized for determining a business's optimization and preparation for scale, and are determined based upon the business type and overall goals.

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