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Right now, we are looking for a few ambitious and open-minded agents to help our clients buy and sell the place they call home!

If you have a great attitude, eager to do very well financially, genuinely like working with others, and open to learning new ways of doing things, we may have a spot on our sales team for you.

Want to Sell More Homes and Make More Money?
Book Your Free Career Transformation Call Now.

Just Some of the Agent Career Benefits at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty:

  • You Will Get a Steady Flow of Buyer and Seller Appointments, Not Leads.
  • You will NEVER Need to Do Any Manual Grunt Prospecting.
  • ​You Will Get as Much Business as You Can Handle Without Spending Any Money on Advertising.
  • ​Our FULL TIME Admin Team will Handle All of Your Transaction Paperwork and Details So You Can Spend Your Time Doing What You Do Best… Helping People!
  • ​You Will Get Sales, Negotiating and Closing Skills Training by the #1 Sales Trainer in the World So You Can Dominate in Today’s Market Place!
  • ​You Will Earn at least $100K or We’ll Pay You the Difference!*
  • ​Our Agent Insurance and Retirement Benefits Package is Superior to Others!
  • ​You Will Have a Good Work/Life Balance with the Ability to Take Time Off to Pursue Outside Interests!
  • ​Our Positive Workplace Culture Includes Opportunities to take on Leadership Roles.
  • ​We Change Lives Through Home Ownership and Donate a Portion of Our Income to Very Worthy Causes.
  • ​You Can Work Remotely, On Location, or a Combination and WIN for Your Customers and Your Hopes and Dreams.

If You Would Like to 10X Your Success, Get Off the Income Roller Coaster and Get Your Life Back, Then Request Your Free Career Transformation Call Today.


Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Agents are selling homes at the highest level – in the trenches and out front on what works and what does not – committed to helping you overdeliver on service and results!

Are You Ready to Change Lives, Impact Your Community and Live the Life You Were Born to Live?

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In Your First 30 Days You Will…

  • ​Increase the Size of Your Commission Checks!
  • Increase the # of appointments!
  • See how to WIN every multiple offer war! ​
  • ​Forever END Cold Calling, Begging for Referrals, Traditional Open Houses and Expensive Advertising!
  • Have an Admin Team working for you on Every Transaction!
  • ​#1 on Google Search for Ready to Act Seller Prospects.
  • ​Follow an Infallible Plan and System for a Super Real Estate Career.

The Problems This Plan and System Solve for Real Estate Agents

  • SOLVED: Not Enough Clients at a Pace fast enough and at levels high enough to achieve your goals!
  • SOLVED: Feast or Famine Income Roller Coaster.
  • ​​SOLVED: Control of Your Schedule.
  • ​​SOLVED: Clarity on Exactly what to do and how to get it done.
  • ​​SOLVED: Sales, Negotiating and Closing Skills to Convert Strangers in a Super Competitive Market.
  • ​​SOLVED: Zero Resistance Benefits Presentations that compel prospects to sign with you at your much higher than average fee.
  • ​​SOLVED: How to set, negotiate and collect an OPTIMUM fee as a Buyers Agent vs letting the listing agent decide your earning capacity.
  • ​​SOLVED: A SYSTEM that turns a customer into a lifetime customer, predictably and affordably… after all there is NO such thing as past clients… only lifetime customers.
  • ​​SOLVED: Magnetic Consumer Benefit Rich Brand Name!

Summary of What You Will Discover On This Exclusive Zoom

  • Predictable Overflow of Leads.
  • ​ ​Never worry about where you next commission check will come from. ​
  • ​Leads chase you vs. you chasing them. ​
  • ​No cold calling or manual grunt prospecting. ​
  • ​No expensive advertising. ​
  • ​Make More Money in Less Time. ​
  • ​More Appointments with Less Calls.
  • ​ ​Pre-Sold Customers. ​
  • ​HIGHER Commission Checks. ​Respect, Admiration, Trust of Peers and Clients. ​
  • ​The Envy of Competitors. ​
  • ​The Solutions to EVERY Business Issue You Face. ​
  • ​Certainty of ‘will it work’. ​
  • ​Clarity on Exactly What to do and How to get it done. ​
  • ​Faster Implementation. ​
  • ​Fast-Paced Growth. ​
  • ​Elimination of the Income Roller Coaster. ​
  • ​Increased Self Esteem and Confidence. ​
  • ​Confidence on Setting and Achieving Higher Goals. ​
  • ​More Time Working WITH Customers vs Finding Them. ​
  • ​Enjoy a Rewarding Income Working Reasonable Hours With Plenty of Time Off to Pursue Outside Interests!

The #1 Plan And System For Growing A Super Profitable Real Estate Business Is Exclusively Brought To You By

Our Vision
To Be The Best Place to Work, Buy and Sell Real Estate.

Our Mission
To Go Serve Big - When you put others first, you will never be second!

Our Daily Routine
Increasing Real Estate Professionals Incomes by 300% or More Without Them Giving Up their Personal Lives to Do it!

Our Core Values
Innovate. Inspire. Impact. Influence.

Our Core Philosophy
The Size of the hole you give through is directly proportionate to the size of the hole you receive through.

We Established this real estate brokerage for Real Estate Agents DRIVEN to accomplish more for themselves, their clients, and their community.


About the Co-Founders of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

Todd Walters and Craig Proctor


Craig Proctor is the Founder and CEO of Craig Proctor Coaching System, which has created more Millionaire Agents than any other coach or trainer. Leveraging his own highly successful 20+ year real estate career (selling 500+ homes/year – over $100,000,000 in GCI - and twice #1 for RE/MAX Worldwide), Craig Proctor helps agents and brokers transform their real estate jobs into highly lucrative real estate businesses that provide exceptional customer service without high lifestyle costs. “Craig is a visionary who reinvented the job called Real Estate and someone who teaches agents about Freedom rather than about work” - Michael Gerber (author of the bestselling business book The E-Myth).

Todd Walters is PLATINUM Coach with Craig Proctor Real Estate Coaching and Co-Founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. Along with being featured in Best Agents Business Book, The Billion Dollar Agent, Lessons Learned, he’s also featured in Dan Gooder Richards’ book, Real Estate Rainmaker: Guide to Online Marketing.a Todd retired from having to sell real estate at age thirty-nine, opting to watch his team run over eight thousand real estate transactions. He was named among the top 20 agents in the United States by NAR, and was top 10 with RE/MAX worldwide. As PLATINUM Coach, Todd publishes three monthly real estate business building newsletters and teaches ambitious Craig Proctor System members marketing strategies. Unique strategies that enable them to Quantum Leap their real estate jobs to a REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. One that works, so they don’t have to. He calls himself the Best Copier of Craig Proctor’s Millionaire Agent System.

YES, I want to sell more homes and make more money without giving up my personal life to do it!

Qualifying people who love this change and do well in this position, are knowledgeable, have good client management, communication and organization skills, and could continue earning a good living in real estate if they had to, but welcome the opportunity to focus on sales functions with pre-qualified appointments, the freedom from endless cold prospecting, expensive advertising, intense competition and uncertain, unpredictable feast- famine roller-coaster income.

If you have a few sales under your belt, the necessary skills and are ready to come in out of the must-find-a-prospect rat race, we may have a great place on our team for you.

​What do our Team Members Say?

"I would get these emails from Nathan and delete them saying "there’s is no way this is for real". But finally I gave in. I called Nathan and we sat down. He went over everything, and you know what...it made sense. I now work as a partner with Nathan and make more money than I did on a 70/30 split with my last broker. In my first 6 months I have already sold 15 houses and listed over 30 homes. I'm on track to sell 50 houses this year. My biggest mistake was not calling Nathan sooner."

– Michael LeBoeuf

"I sold 4 houses my first 4 weeks on the team I am very happy I have tripled my income and I'm truly doing what I love selling houses!"

– Jill Sweetman

Don't let what others, who are frankly jealous of our success of being number one for over 15 years in RI tell you what they think they know about us get in the way from an opportunity of a lifetime.

Contact me today and find out directly.

“Don’t fight the slowing real estate market. Make $100,000 or more in the next 12 months, Guaranteed, or I’ll pay you the difference in cash! I will personally show you how, give you the CLIENTS and appointments to do it.”

– Nathan Clark

NATHAN CLARK TEAM | 401-264-8039

When you put others first, you will never be second!

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, It Is Our Mission, To Positively Impact The Lives of People, Through Second Mile Service, Innovative Systems, and Charitable Giving.

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